Trying Markdown from Mars Edit

So this is a post written in plain text, using markdown syntax, that I hope renders properly when published in Unordered list item 1 Unordered list item 2 This is a link to my main-original-soon-to-be-replaced blog

New post from the web editor. The one before did not show up in Twitter, let’s see if this one does. Update (2021-12-07): Great, it worked seamlessly. Both posts showed up in Twitter, so I think I found my workflow. Long form legal posts will go to at Squarespace, and …

Trying out Mars Edit

Let’s see how this Mars Edit short post shows in, and whether it publishes to Twitter automatically.

I want to use Mars Edit because I like desktop apps and they help me get my stuff done, but my blog is hosted in Squarespace and they don’t work together. Migrating my blog to some other place seems like too much work, something I may think about if I get a few days' vacation during Christmas. …

I’m still trying to figure out what to do. I write in Spanish about the law in, but I want a place to write short texts to register my tips. Everything becomes a big project, though, why can’t I just write and see where this takes me to.

I intend to write about the tricks and hacks I use to have my computer help me do the work.

Great chance to write in English.

Hello, micro world.

John Adams

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